Ready to rest?

Ready to rest? Here’s how.

Ready to rest?

Are you ready to get some rest? I know I am! If it sounds impossible with your schedule and ever-expanding task list, let me help you see the possibility of rest in today’s Points to Ponder.


It’s all pressing in


You may be like me: You feel pressed on every side … work deadlines are looming, your kids need more attention than you can give them, and at times, your house feels like it’s in full-blown chaos. Even just speaking to this list of pressing needs makes me feel tired. And the constant striving in your own power wears you down, because you’re doing things and showing up in the demands of life in your own strength. I wonder: What would it be like to rest in the power of the Lord instead of yourself?

How to rest in the Lord


No. 1: Consider trust

Based on the Word of God, you may know intellectually that God’s strength is endless and unfathomable. But at the same time, you may wonder why God would offer His strength to you for what seems like mundane tasks? It’s because He Loves you, and He promises to give strength to the weary! What would it look like if you could trust that the Lord wants to help you with all that’s pressing in around you?  

No. 2: Lean on His promises

Accessing a state mental restfulness is possible by leaning into the promises of God. Look at Exodus 33:14. God says that His presence will go with you, and He will give you rest! Jesus also talked in the New Testament about coming to Him when you are weary and burdened. He said He’d give you rest! How can you believe these promises of rest? What needs to shift inside in order to receive your promised rest?

No. 3: Renew your mind

As you move into a state of believing and receiving rest from the Lord, set yourself up for long-term success in this area. Build in ways to renew your mind on the promises of restfulness from God. What could it look like for you? Does it involve reading the word? Praying? Something else? Set up your own plan to keep remembering to rest in the Lord. 


Need help?


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I know resting in God may seem sound like a difficult belief to live into. As a credentialed coach, I’m here to help you strengthen that belief, so contact me today. 

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