Does your life sometimes feel like a chess board? You may be looking over all the moving parts and wondering: What’s your next move? Let’s learn more through an exercise in today’s Points to Ponder.

What's your next move?

How does chess get us thinking about life?

Chess is a strategy game, and it’s actually not one I’ve ever learned to play. But my interest has been recently piqued. My 15-year-old nephew has been teaching chess to my younger boys. Someone asked me the other day how they were doing. I’ve watched them play, but I can’t speak to their proficiency because I’ve never played myself! So I decided it was time to look into it …

Researching how chess is played got me to thinking about how the game relates to life: You navigate through the twists and turns this life seems to throw at you. But how do you prepare for the unexpected?

My first response to this is to turn to the Bible. In 2 Timothy 3:16, it says that “All Scripture is inspired by God and it’s useful to teach us what’s true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what’s right.”

Knowing that the Bible offers truths, I encourage you to open it up, read, and pray about what you find. You can even pause this video in this moment before continuing on to today’s exercise …

It’s your turn

To spur your thoughts, I want us to do a quick exercise together. Picture a chess board in front of you, and label it as your life. Then, think on these questions:

No. 1: Rules

When you play chess, there are rules that can never be broken. What rules govern your life choices? How do these rules serve you?

No. 2: Control

A basic principle of chess is to place your pawns in the center of the board, which gives you the ability to control as many squares as you can. What do you feel like is within your control today? What can you NOT control? How do these insights help you?

No. 3: Win or Lose

Like all games, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. How can you be prepared when you lose? What does it look like to win? How can you have fun in the process?

Playing chess is known to sharpen your mind. Let’s learn from our exercise today and move forward in a different way this week. If you aren’t sure what IS your next move, contact me for your no-cost inquiry call to discover out how coaching will help. Just go to Your Christian Coach dot net and click on the “Contact Me” tab.

Thanks for joining me today. I’ll see you next Tuesday, as we chat more about Points to Ponder.