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Looking for a Strengths Champion Certified Coach®?
Jo Heather Dodson, PCC, offers Strengths coaching for Christian women in media and communication. We use the results from the CliftonStrengths® assessment to help you lean into your strengths while managing weaknesses. As CliftonStrengths says, knowing your strengths helps you aim your purpose toward greater performance at work and improving your personal life.
What are Strengths?
Gallup research shows that developing people's talents, or strengths, leads to an increase in performance, engagement, overall wellbeing and improved business results. Jo Heather helps you move deeper into understanding your talents through one-on-one coaching and team training. 
Find out more by searching @JoHeather or @YourChristianCoach on your favorite social media channel.
Need a motivational speaker?
In addition to being a Strengths Champion Certified Coach, Jo Heather serves as a motivational speaker, emcee or facilitator for your business meeting, community event or church workshop.
Find out her wide array of inspirational topics here. 
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