As a coach, I partner with you as you pursue your best work and life. Working with me offers a unique opportunity to incorporate Christian principles in the coaching process.

Using a structured action plan, we close the gap on the journey toward your goals, whether that involves discovering your God-given purpose, balancing a busy home life, moving to the next level in your organization, changing career paths, writing a book or opening your own business.
~ Jo Heather


In addition to my coaching services, I serve as a speaker, emcee or facilitator for retreats, round tables, and workshops.

Topics include:

  • “How to Use Joy to Fill YourTank”
  • “Passion & Purpose = Encouraged & Empowered”
  • “How to Move from Surviving to Thriving”
  • “Spiritual Health: It’s Worth Your Time and Attention”
  • “How to Do More with Less Time”
  • “A Key to Change: Growth versus Fixed Mindset”
  • “How to Practice Gratitude”
  • “Psalm 91: How to Live Out the Prayer of Protection”
  • “Looking Forward to Your Next Act”
  • “What and How: Living Out Your Values”
  • “Closing the Gap through Coaching”

To find out more about these services, contact me.

Features of My Personalized Coaching Program

Personalized Coaching Program

Specific Action Plans

30-60 Minute Coaching Sessions

Practices & Exercises to Make the Desired Shift

Session via Phone or Video Chat

Ongoing Prayer Support

Available Coaching Packages:


In Pursuit of Purpose” Coaching
“Whole Life” Coaching

“What’s next?” Coaching
“Fill Your Joy Tank” Coaching


Coaching packages are tailored to your personal needs. All packages are paid for in advance. 

Contact me at for complete package and pricing details. You also may contact me through this link.
NOTE: *PayPal processing fees charged back to client and vary on package selection and geography (in United States or international)