Jo Heather Dodson has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has helped me grow mentally and spiritually, while putting together an action plan to help achieve my personal and business goals. Jo Heather is professional and trustworthy. I was transitioning into newly married life, a leadership position at church, and a professional career.

Life can quickly get stressful and overwhelming. That is why I recommend everyone having a life coach. I cannot stress the mental clarity and balance that comes from these healthy sessions.

Jo Heather has been a blessing in my life when it come to growth, adulting, and organizing. I can see a difference in my roles as a wife, children’s director, and financial advisor.

Lily Ritch, former Children’s Ministry Director

I am really inspired by Jo Heather as my coach but also as abusiness woman and leader! I look forward to my coaching sessions every time.

I highly recommend her.

Heidi Hackney, MS, CPCC, ACC

I’ve been working with Jo Heather for some time. When we started working together, I was leaving my job and launching a coaching business. I would not be where I am without her coaching, insight and support. Even coaches need a coach. I think of her as my spirit coach. I have business mentors and they are vital, but Jo Heather is the one who helps me keep an open, loving mindset, so I can do all the business aspects consistent with my vision and values.

Jo Heather provides a safe space for me to share and reflect on what I am saying doing and feeling on this journey. She provides insights I would not have without her listening. Her reflection back to me also raises my awareness of the progress I’m making when it seems like I’m slogging through molasses.

I know she is a Christian coach. I am Jewish and would not seek out a Christian coach, yet her commitment to me living in alignment with my values has been a gift to me, keeping me on course. I am so grateful I found her and trusted my instinct to work with her. I can’t imagine anyone else who would better guide me on my journey, support me and delight in my accomplishments. As a coach, I am in admiration.

The last year has been about breaking through my perfectionism and organizing myself to focus on the right things to do to have the impact with my clients and in the world. Often when confronted with not knowing what to do, I will do the easier things. Working with her, I true up to my heart’s goals of more love and connection in people’s personal and business life – resulting in doing the harder tasks instead of being busy on easier tasks.

Jo Heather supported me by reading my book draft and giving me comments and encouragement. I’ve now published my book “Why did you load the dishwasher like that? 9 Whopping Mistakes That Push Love Away.” I’m getting ready to launch my new YouTube channel, which will be promoted on Entrepreneur TV Network and starting to do social media on my book.

Jo Heather keeps me grounded in what I’ve accomplished as I begin the next phase of my business. To have someone who asks you questions to support you in seeing what where you are stuck or where you are not inspired and supports you with no judgment is a gift. I am so blessed Jo Heather is in my life.

We all need a Jo Heather in our life. I highly recommend her to discover and fulfill your true purpose.

Marilyn Sutherland

I didn’t know quite what to expect from ‘coaching.’ Would it be useful? Was I even going to like or enjoy it?

Well, the journey has been very, very positive and removed all negative or marginal perceptions.

I have learned a lot from Jo Heather. She has taught me to listen more to myself and assess myself. The most help was often as I described certain situations and my reaction to them, Jo Heather would repeat what I said and ask if that was what I intended or meant. Often, just hearing my thoughts coming back to me provided great insight into my thinking patterns. This taught me to put some suggestions into practice.

We have practiced several different ‘centering’ practices and calming introductions that meet me where I am. At a crucial time in my personal and career life, I have found the time with Jo Heather to be invaluable. She is fully in-tuned to previous conversations and consistent with follow-up. This is not about telling me what to do, but rather to help me discover for myself some of the things I need to accomplish.

We started with a few sessions, and to my surprise, I wanted more coaching time over the phone. While not an early believer in coaching, I can now say that I have truly benefited from time with Jo Heather and fully appreciate the coaching practice.

Give the time a try. You may learn a lot about yourself.

Sam W. (Name changed to protect client’s anonymity)