Add Joy to your toolbox

Here’s how to add Joy to your toolbox

Are you feeling tired? Worn out by all that you have on your plate? I have just the thing for you in today’s Points to Ponder.

If you watch Points to Ponder regularly, you know that I’ve been meditating on and experimenting with Joy. I see Joy as a tool in my invisible toolbox. And I pull that Joy tool out at various times. Watch my video to learn about:

  • No. 1: Joy in the overwhelm
  • No. 2: Joy in the frustration
  • No. 3: Joy in the sorrow


Sign up for the “Fill Your Joy Tank” virtual retreat for women May 1

How I want for you to have Joy as a tool in your toolbox because it really has changed my life over the last year. With that, I am inviting you to join me May 1 in a “Fill Your Joy Tank” virtual retreat for women. (Sorry guys, we’ll get you involved at another time!)

In this retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to define Joy for yourself and discover ways to use Joy to help you navigate the ups and downs of each day. You can register through my website at Your Christian Coach dot net. The early-bird discount ends this Friday. Register here.