Honestly, there are moments I just want to huddle up in my house and turn off everything that speaks to what’s going on outside these walls … Instead of shutting down, let me share with you how my faith in Jesus continues to change everything for me. Though the evil enemy attacks with chaos, hatred and destruction, God will turn it for good … I don’t know when or how, but He will …

How does your faith help you cope during these tumultuous times?

The lyrics to the “See a victory” song by Elevation Worship keep playing in my head each morning as I wake up: “You take what the enemy meant for evil, and you turn it for good.” I believe that the Holy Spirit put them there to comfort me during these dark days. What can those words mean to you in the turmoil of today? Let’s unpack it during this Points to Ponder.

What does evil for good mean to you?

What does evil for good mean to you?

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