Have you been making excuses, putting off what you know you need to do? What can you do about it?

Learn three tips on how to manage your excuses in today’s Points to Ponder video.  

Excuses, excuses!

We all know what it’s like: You put off to tomorrow what you know you should do today. Take for instance what happened to my family the other day in my kitchen. I like to read a devotion with the kids before they leave for school. I was asking the boys to please pay attention, and one said: “Wait, Mom, I need to take out this bag of garbage.” And the other said: “Wait, Mom, I need to pack my lunch,” (which, by the way, was supposed to have been done the night before!) 

Needless to say, we didn’t get to read the devotion. My husband commented that the scene that morning  reminded him of the story in Luke 14. In it, people were invited to a big banquet dinner, but they made all kinds of excuses to keep from accepting the host’s invitation. And sadly, out of the many who were invited, few chose to attend. The story makes me wonder: But what did they miss out on? And by applying it to today, I wonder: What are your excuses keeping you from?

What to do about excuses?

No. 1: Do some self reflection

You cannot make changes in your habits until you actually see them for what they are. So, It’s time to take a good look at yourself: Where are you making excuses? Are you making excuses for not reading your Bible? What reasons do you find not to do it? Do you put other things in front of praying or sharing your faith? Or is it something else: Do you make excuses for your choices, blaming others or past experiences for what you are choosing to do today? Grab your journal or a piece of paper, and start writing what you discover.  

No. 2: Pick one thing

After you’ve taken this “inventory” of what you find yourself making excuses for, decide on one area that you want to change. Maybe it’s about taking time to read your Bible daily. Now hold this question for yourself: What can you do to stop making excuses and make it happen? 

No. 3: Look to reap rewards

There are many benefits to accepting the invitation to the banquet! You may not see these benefits immediately, but you probably will recognize them over time. That’s why writing down what you’re working on helps. What might happen if you flip forward in your calendar to one month from today. On that calendar block, write down this question for yourself: How’s the excuse experiment going? 

You can do it!

Perhaps the words of Proverbs 6:4 will inspire you: “Don’t put it off; do it now! Don’t rest until you do.” Be on the lookout for excuses you make this week, and pause to take a closer look. If you keep your efforts covered in prayer, the Lord will let you know what area needs your attention. 

If you’re curious about how coaching will help with your excuse experiment, contact me today!