God is both just and merciful. But am I? Let’s dig into what it means to be “just” in today’s Points to Ponder.


We can learn from “The Just One”

I was reading the account of Stephen in Acts Chapter 7. In verse 52, Stephen referred to Jesus Christ as “The Just One.” Those words leapt off the page at me: The Just One.

I paused and meditated on the fact that my Lord and Savior is Just. And even though He is fully righteous, holy, blameless, He loved me so much that He gave His life to make it possible for me to choose to go to heaven. And my aim is to live in a way to point others to that free offer of eternal peace.

It’s your turn

So how do YOU do that? Watch this video to find details or read on:

No. 1: Seek to understand

The word “just” means based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair. I know as you look around this may seem rare in our tumultuous environment. My Bible is what I call my “True North,” my fixed point no matter what spins around me. It’s my go-to when I’m seeking answers or trying to understand something more deeply. Other resources for me can be Godly council from those I trust and prayer. What resources will help you truly understand the word “just?”

No. 2: Living morally right

Now that you’ve sought out resources to help deepen your understanding, what’s next? If you pause on the words “morally right and fair,” what comes up for you? What does that look like in your life? Write down an instance that springs to your mind as I ask that question.

No. 3: Extend to others

It’s time to turn your thoughts and actions to those around you, whether you like them or not! The saying goes: What would Jesus do? Create a picture of “The Just One”—Jesus—in your mind and heart. With Him as your guide, how will you interact with others? How will His image help you speak when you should speak and be silent when it’s time to listen for understanding?

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