Fill Your Joy Tank retreat

It’s time to “Fill Your Joy Tank.”

Are you exhausted? Burned out from the “weirdness” of 2020?

It’s time to “Fill Your Joy Tank!” as you enter 2021. In this three-hour virtual retreat design exclusively for women, discover how joy will infuse you with renewed energy for the New Year!

What benefits will you receive by attending the Fill Your Joy Tank Virtual Retreat?

  • Focusing on yourself, knowing you ARE worth it
  • Connecting with other women in a safe place
  • Hearing others’ stories and sharing your own
  • Learning to seek out joy
  • Feeling inspired to shift your perspective
  • Being motivated to embody joy for yourself and others
  • Determining specific action step(s) to carry you forward in a different way
  • Renewing energy and focus
  • Being entered into a grand prize giveaway: one-month of one-to-one “whole-life” coaching with Your Christian Coach Jo Heather Dodson (@YourChristianCoach)

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NEW Early-bird pricing Extended: $29.99 until January 2.
General admission is $39.99.