Resurrected Life

Three steps to live a resurrected life

Do you know what it means to live a resurrected life? Learn what’s possible for you in today’s Points to Ponder.


There may be someone listening in today who’s had a near-death experience or maybe you’ve had a family member who was dead and then came back to life. I know in my family, my father-in-law was resuscitated while on the operating table after a bad car accident. From what I I’ve been told, his whole life changed after that experience: He came to know Jesus Christ, and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. A lot of other things changed in his life too …


But what can this mean to you? What is a resurrected life? What can it look like when your old sinful self has died and your new self has come to life through the power and redemption made possible through Jesus’s death on the cross and His resurrection from the grave?


Watch this video to learn three simple steps to get you started:

  • No. 1: Begin with belief
  • No. 2: Start talking
  • No. 3: Get moving

You don’t have to have a near-death experience to change your life. You can have a new life today! So as I close, I’ll leave you with an additional action step: Grab a Bible and read Romans 8. It outlines more deeply what a resurrected life looks like here on earth. Read and pray over it. Ask God what He’s telling you through the words recorded there.


I am here to help

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